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Families Choice Cremation ServicesFamilies Choice Cremation Services
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Families Choice Cremation ServicesFamilies Choice Cremation Services
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Families Choice Cremation Services
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What sets Families Choice apart?

contoh proposal penelitian kuantitatif eksperimen bidang pendidikansecurity unable to run software decostudio crack free downloadcontoh proposal penelitian perhotelancontoh proposal penelitian pendidikan sd We are committed to being honest and straightforward in all the work we do. We keep our cremation services simple, dignified and confidential and we guarantee our prices and your satisfaction. You can count on our dedication to the highest of standards and professional service and ensure each individual is treated with dignity and respect that will meet or exceed your expectations.

What makes us different?

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contoh proposal penelitian kuantitatif pendidikancontoh proposal penelitian manajemen sumber daya manusia At Families Choice, cremation is our only focus. We are licensed by the Ontario Board of Funeral Services.

What do we do when a death occurs?

When a death occurs, the first step is to notify us at Families Choice. We will arrange to transfer the deceased to our facility and give you ample time with your loved one to allow family members and friends to meet at the place of death, if desired. After all required documentation has been completed we will transfer the deceased to the Crematorium and arrange for the ashes to be returned to you.

Can I arrange cremation ahead of time?

At Families Choice, we believe planning and sharing your wishes with those people important to you is the caring thing to do. By planning ahead or prearranging, you relieve family members of the emotional burden and guesswork in decision making during a stressful time. Knowing your wishes will be carried out can bring great comfort to those left behind. Choosing to pay for your cremation ahead of time is another way you can show your thoughtfulness. Our caring staff is available to meet you in the comfort of your home or at our office to discuss your options and complete arrangements or prearrangements.

What if I want more than just a direct cremation?

We can assist you with any type of arrangements you require. Just ask us if you want more options.

Families Choice Cremation Services
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