Families Choice Cremation Services
Families Choice Cremation ServicesFamilies Choice Cremation Services
Families Choice Cremation ServicesCremation Services
Families Choice Cremation ServicesFamilies Choice Cremation Services
Families Choice Cremation Services

Cremation Services

At Families Choice Cremation Services, we will perform the following services:

obtain from you all Vital Statistic information in order to register death and other details to arrange cremation; arrange transfer of deceased from place of death and to Crematorium; contact Coroner to authorize cremation; registration of death; comply with all provincial regulatory requirements; provide up to twelve (12) Proof of Death Certificates.

Immediate Cremation Service including disbursements and a Wood and Cardboard Cremation Container

H.S.T. Included

Above prices also include disbursements such as cremation fee ($612.00 at St. John’s Dixie Crematorium), coroner’s fee ($75.00) and municipal registration fee  ($50.00). Price includes a cardboard urn supplied by the crematorium to contain the ashes. Other urns, containers, caskets and merchandise are available for purchase.

Please Note: Additional charges may apply when transfer from place of death includes a residence, nursing home or takes place after normal business hours. Out of town transfer surcharge (one way) of $ 2.05 per km will apply if place of death is more than 50 km from Toronto. If transferring after our operating hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., there will be an additional fee of $100.00.

Cremation Containers - Casket Selection

Wood and Cardboard Container- constructed of cardboard, no handles, no interior.

$ 250.00

Glenwoods (Victoriaville MDF) designed for cremation.


Diamond (Victoriaville 50-479-01) natural finish, white crepe interior


Cremation Urns

Heart Scattering (Eckels U-125-0-4130) Biodegradable $ 175.00
cremation services
Embrace Urn (Green or Purple)- Biodegradable Urn produced from Mulberry Tree and will break down over time when buried. 4120G or 4120P Eckels $ 175.00
Nicodeme Urn- Light Grey Polymer 91-Nicod Victoriaville $ 175.00
Milton Oak- Constructed of Solid Oak, Rectangular, 100 Milton $ 350.00
Windswept Tree Ash Urn-Northern $ 350.00
Leaf Inlay (Gravure-Craft) 7106 Aluminum $ 275.00

Other Cremation Urn Choices:

Companion Urns - to hold two sets of Cremated remains

Keepsake Urns - to hold a very small portion of cremated remains and be kept by a family member.

Urn Jewelry

To hold a very small portion of cremated remains in a pendant (similar to a necklace) and be kept by a family member.

Additional Services Available:

  • Witnessing a Cremation
  • Out of Country Transportation of Cremated Remains

Payment Information

When making arrangements, partial or full payment may be required.

We accept cash/cheque/bank draft for payment.

Where applicable, H.S.T. applies.

Families Choice Cremation Services
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